Learning To Unicycle

My great uncle has a bunch of unicycles he rides, and so last summer I had asked if he could bring one to a family gathering.  I thought unicycling was a pretty cool sport so I wanted to give it a try.  He brought a unicycle and got me started holding onto a porch railing and using a brick as a chock behind the wheel.  He lent me the unicycle until the fall, and although I was unable to master it, having it for that amount of time confirmed my interest in “one-wheel bike”.

Late this winter I was given a unicycle and I started practicing indoors.  I got more and more comfortable, until I was able to get on and peddle a couple of meters before falling off.  In the past week or two I have been practicing seriously and am now able to mount the unicycle without any thing behind the wheel, and peddle consistently for quite a distance.

You can teach yourself unicycling easily with the help of a Youtube tutorial or a friend who owns a unicycle.  To find a unicycle look up unicycles in your area, or buy it online at a place like Amazon.  For starting, a 20 inch wheel is great or anything around that size.  You can pretty much learn on any unicycle you find, but the twenty inch is my recommendation.  You should raise the seat to about the height of your belly-button before starting.  After learning the basics, you’ll be able to pick up a specialty, or do them all.  Some of these include mountain unicycling, long distance unicycling, riding a “giraffe”, and so much more.  There are many things you can do with unicycling.

One thing learning to unicycle gives you is a great sense of balance with your body.  Instead of only being able to fall right of left, you can fall any direction,  Fortunately while learning basic unicycling you will usually land on your feet because there’s no cross-bar blocking your leg, like on a regular bike.

I highly recommend the sport of unicycling and hope this video and article inspire you to get outside and hop on a one-wheeler.  Please take some time to research unicycling and see if it’s something you think you would be interested in pursuing.

Have lots of one wheeled fun, and don’t forget your helmet!


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