Law #2 A Scout Is Loyal: Loyalty Demonstrated By The Canada Goose


Canada Geese demonstrate loyalty in many ways.  For example, Canada Geese mate for life, meaning that rather than finding a new partner each year, they stay with their first mate.  They stay with each other until one mate dies.

Canada Geese live in North America, heading south in the winter and heading back up North in the spring.  I often look up in the spring and fall to see large flocks of geese flying in V formation.  They rotate the position at the tip of the V, because the lead goose must cut through the most air resistance, just like the tip of a knife cutting through butter.

When a pair of geese arrives at its nesting grounds, they find a safe spot to lay the eggs, such as a small island or a beaver dam.

When the nest is ready, the female goose lays the eggs and sits on them until they hatch to keep them warm.

If a predator where to attack, both the father and mother goose would do anything to protect their young, even if it meant dying.  Geese have been known to sit on infertile eggs for months after they should have hatched, because they did not want to abandon goslings they thought where still going to hatch.  I have heard of Geese who, when an unexpected spring snow storm arose, did not leave their nests to take cover, but instead lay over their eggs to keep them warm.  In so doing they where suffocated.  They where willing to give their lives for their family.

Canada Geese are a spectacular example to humans of loyalty; loyal to your leaders, but even more importantly to God and your family.  We can learn a lot from these amazing creatures about being willing to do anything for God and your family.  Next time you look up at a Canada Goose, think about all the great things you can learn from them.



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