Off-Road Unicycling

While visiting some friends nearby I had the opportunity to try to unicycle down a very steep hill.  It is the biggest hill I have gone down so far on my unicycle.  My friend lent me his GoPro camera and we made the video above.

Lately, I have been getting much more comfortable on my unicycle.  It has a 20” wheel.  A 20” unicycle wheel is best for training on, but they aren’t really super great to use for “Muni” (mountain unicycling) unless it is a very thick tire, or for ridding long distances.  The smaller the wheel, the more you have to pedal.  The one big advantage of a smaller wheel is that it is much more maneuverable.  With my 20” unicycle I can turn a full circle in a small area that would be very difficult for a bigger unicycle wheel to do.

Like almost everything in the world, there are both advantages and disadvantages.


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