Ginger Bug

Ginger bug.jpg

A ginger bug is very simple and easy to grow.  All you need is a one litre jar, ginger root, white sugar, and water.  I found out how to start one from this website.

What exactly is a ginger bug, and what do you do with one anyway?

A ginger bug is a bacterial culture which ferments and eats the white sugar, and becomes a bubbly mixture you can use to make healthy drinks such as healthy homemade rootbeer and ginger beer.

When I started my ginger bug, I didn’t really know what to do with it, until a friend from Thunder Bay showed me how to make rootbeer from roots and plants we foraged for right on our property.

The cool thing about rootbeer is that depending on where you live, you can put all sorts of different things in.  When you make your first batch, don’t expect it to taste like the sugary stuff you can buy at the store.  Homemade rootbeer will still have a bit of the rootbeer flavour plus the flavours of any plants or roots you put in.  It is also much healthier than store-bought rootbeer.

The ginger bug is what makes it turn out fizzy.  You might be surprised at how fizzy it can get.  Sometimes when I open up a bottle for the first time it will bubble all up and over the sides!

I had a chance to teach some of my friends how to make rootbeer, and so once you learn how (you can look up instructions on the internet), it can be a fun skill to pass on to others.  I also taught these friends how to start a ginger bug.


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