Why Ride a Unicycle Anyway?


Well to start, unicycles are just plain awesome.  Everyone rides a bike, so why not try something different?  Unicycles are cool, ’cause when people see you go by, positive thoughts come to mind, which lets them open up to you in a different way. Unicycles are often associated with circuses and clowns, so more often than not people will try and think of something clever to yell at you as you go by. Then you, as the unicyclist, have the fun job of trying to quickly think of something clever to say back. This happens innumerable times a day when riding around in town. I’ve had conversations with tons of people I would never have met had they not stopped me as I rode past to ask about the unicycle.

It’s also lots of fun when you start talking with someone and they realize that you’re just a regular guy, not some kind of super clown dude or something. That gives some people the courage to try the unicycle themselves.

Not only is it a fantastic tool for starting conversations and meeting people, but it’s also great exercise. Unicycling exercises much of your body, especially your core and legs, and it also teaches better balance skills as well.

My final point can be seen as either a disadvantage, or an advantage: while riding a unicycle, unlike a bike, you must be constantly ready for everything that comes your way. A bike can kind of just roll over stuff, while with a unicycle, one little bump can send you flying! Muscle memory helps a lot, but I still think unicycling requires a lot more conscious involvement. I have been riding before where I’m going super fast, unaware that a small change of terrain is coming up. I hit the bump or root or whatever, and since it’s too late to compensate for it, I go hurtling into the air, usually landing on my feet. But, as I said, this can be seen as good or bad. I like it ‘cause it makes for quite an interactive and exciting ride.

My goal is to try and get as many people as I can to shed a wheel or two and join the unicyclist movement.  #rideaunicycle!


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