Coconut Bird Feeder

img_0103One day my Mom asked me to crack open a coconut she had gotten. I first drilled holes to pour the coconut water out, then used my hatchet to chop off the top. I scrapped all the fruit out of the the shell, then had the idea to make it into a bird feeder.

I drilled more holes in it about an inch apart, and then put a string through the bottom (similar to the way I did the Oriole Feeder) with a couple twigs attached. I filled the coconut up with suet, and hung it with our other bird feeders.


img_0106Not long afterwards birds started showing up and eating the suet through the holes while perching on the twigs tied below.

I realized later that this would be a good feeder especially for when it is warm and you have melty suet – like mine is sometimes 🙂 – because the suet will melt down into the holes. I also recommend not including any seeds or bugs or anything bulky in the suet you use for this feeder, because it could clog up the holes.

This is a great way to make use of your coconut shells after you have eaten the fruit inside.



a54dfe19-6b07-41d0-9502-f7369b4f78ca_zpsudjli1ckSuet is a great thing to have on your backyard bird feeder, and may attract other birds like woodpeckers that might not come for normal birdseed.  Suet is also really good for birds (especially during winter) because it contains necessary fat and protein that help keep them warm.075be846-92a4-420b-af1b-35eb77f18303_zps4mfzgpxu

You can buy bird feeders with a cage for suet at your local hardware or farm store.  For suet itself, you can buy it, or you can make it yourself, which is more fun.  Here’s how I made mine:

I scraped bacon grease (lard is also good) out of a pan and added about half that amount of peanut butter (any kind is good, crunchy or smooth).  I then added enough birdseed to make it pretty thick.

I then spread it about an inch or two thick in a plastic container with saran wrap and placed in the freezer.  2c5de620-1442-4c2a-b7d6-e751cac8cf32_zps7vr2lsgoOnce frozen, I chopped into chunks that would fit in my bird feeder.d26b409f-b322-4f71-a344-ee7a081a991c_zpsluluv5ti

I put a couple pieces out on the feeder and put the rest back in the freezer for later.

I found that my suet seemed to melt when in warm weather so I only put it out when it gets cold.  I did find this website with a recipe for “no-melt suet,” which I tried, but the suet has a different texture than what I usually make.  Feel free to experiment around.  There is definitely no right-or-wrong way to do it.

It’s fun to see what different kinds of birds will show up for different types of food.  Now it’s time to sit back with your binoculars and watch!