A Dream Come True

IMG_0580.JPGWhen I first started learning to unicycle (in February 2016) my only goal was to be able to ride consistently.  After visiting my Great Uncle David in Toronto – who owns a collection of unicycles of various sizes and descriptions – and trying out some of his unicycles I began to realize how many possibilities there are with unicycling. I tried his five foot tall ‘giraffe,’ and the big ‘36er’ which has a wheel diameter of 3’. You can get going really fast on the 36er, so once you get one of those you don’t ever have to ride a bike again, unless of course, you want to…

Later that summer, after I was feeling more comfortable on my 20” trainer, I decided I was ready for an upgrade of some sort. The only one I found that was relatively within my price range was a used five foot tall giraffe that was a 2 hour drive away, and not on the way to anywhere I or my family really ever goes. I was also a little hesitant to pay the price they where asking, as I didn’t know what shape the unicycle was in. I was about to buy it, but prayed first.

I decided to wait a little longer, and literally the next day I found another ad in Toronto for a giraffe that was half the price of the other one, and it came with another 20” trainer as well! The seller was just trying to get rid of them. And, since I know people who go to Toronto fairly often, this was the perfect opportunity. My very kind Uncle David generously went out of his way to pick it up for me, and my Dad later picked it up while in Toronto for another reason.

Dad got back late, and the next morning told me to go look in the back of the van. I opened the van door, and pulled out a Norco Giraffe and a 20” trainer. I found that neither of them needed a new tube despite the seller saying they did, so I was able to start riding the giraffe right away. The whole story is an example of how God loves to give us good things. We can learn to wait on the LORD for some things instead of trying to figure out everything by ourselves. As the bible says:

Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart.

That summer I posted a WANTED: UNICYCLES ad online, and started buying used unicycles, and selling some of them to friends after I had taught them how to ride. I was able to find a 24” uni (unicycle), which was fun because you can go a little faster than on a 20” uni (larger diameter = larger circumference = more SPEED).

Ever since I had ridden Uncle David’s 36er in Toronto, I had dreamed of getting one of my own. 36ers just fly! A 36er’s wheel is large enough that it is almost as fast as a bike. I looked all over Canada and the US for a used or new 36er at a good price, but could hardly find any that where affordable, or located somewhere I would be able to pick it up. I looked on UDC, Creigslist, Kijiji, and even considered buying all the components and building my own (which would have been pretty cool, but was also pretty expensive). I really wanted to get one but just couldn’t seem to find one that would be the right fit, so I talked to the LORD about it.

One day in March (of 2017) I was (half jokingly) trying to convince my Mom to buy one for me. She told me to talk to Jesus about it, because he loves to give us good things.

Literally ten minutes later I got an email from a guy named ‘Mike’ who was replying to the wanted ad for unicycles I had posted months ago. I could hardly believe my eyes as I read the message. He was selling his Qu-Ax 36er with some KH accesories on it, and it was for less than any of the unicycles I had previously looked at. And, it was only a 30 minute drive from my place!

I took this as a clear sign from God that this was the unicycle for me, and in less than two hours I was back home inspecting my very own 36er! After tinkering around and changing a few things on it, the next day I was happily riding around the tennis court. It was amazing to realize that God had just provided something I had been looking for for the past year. God loves to make dreams realities for his children, and for me, He had just made a Dream Come True.


Business Ideas/Crochet


As someone who is interested in the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, and other parts of scout craft, you my need to have the means by which to purchase equipment such as knives, fishing rods, etc.  A good way to do this is to learn how to make (or grow) something that other people will want, so that you can sell it to them.  Not only might it earn you money, but it is also good to learn new skills if there is a good opportunity.

For example, several years ago I asked a relative to teach me how to crochet (pronounced Crow-Shay).  Crocheting is a little bit like knitting except that you use a little hook to pull the yarn in and out.  In my opinion it is also quite a bit faster than knitting.

I learned how to crochet, and then made a hat.  I gave it as a Christmas gift.  Then I started making dishcloths, which are fairly easy, because they are just a big square.  I started learning different tricks about how to make hats and cloths look better.  I also taught myself to do a border around the edges, which makes it look much more finished.  I started selling dishcloths and I sold a lot.  I was able to show customers the different colours of yarn I had, and then I could make custom made dishcloths.

There are lots of things you can make or grow to sell to other people.  But you don’t have to sell stuff.  Instead of selling something, you might be able to trade it for something else.  I traded one of my homemade hats to a friend for a hat that had his business logo on it.  Or you can trade something in return for an experience.

If you live on a farm maybe you could raise animals (like chickens or turkeys).  Or if you don’t have enough space for animals, you might be able to grow flowers, vegetables, or fruit.  Or maybe you will find that it is easier to learn to make something (like dishcloths) that you can make while sitting still.

Depending on where you live, the laws and regulations will be different about whether of not you can sell certain goods.

You don’t have to make something, either.  In the city, you could shovel other people’s driveways, rake leaves, or mow lawns.

There are tons of ways to make money, wherever you live!